Tammy is the Education and Events Manager for St.Tropez and creates and delivers market leading training to our in-house team... it our Education and Event Specialists, Business Development Managers, Retail Consultants and our Customer Service Team. Tammy not only organizes our own high profile events and trade shows but she plays a key role in developing and presenting national training seminars to key accounts to ensure correct knowledge and education.

To date Tammy has had a diverse career and has rounded up lots of media exposure herself. Her competitive nature led her to compete in several national fitness competitions which built the base for her career within the television industry. She was selected to participate as ‘Fox’ in the hit TV series ‘Gladiators’ which eventually took her to South Africa where she continued working within the wellness industry. She published and edited a fitness based publication aimed at educating the masses in total self improvement and wellness. She has also worked with high profile clients and celebrities such as Robbie Williams as a personal trainer accompanying him on his Asian tour.


Tammy's Hints & Tips

1. Moisturising on a daily basis will keep your skin well hydrated. This will help your tan last longer and prevent it ‘breaking up’. Body Moisturiser leaves your skin feeling silky smooth but if you tend to be more dehydrated Body Butter will provide more nourishment.

2. Polishing your skin every 2-3 days will gently buff away dead skin cells and keep your skin glowing. This will help freshen up your tan and help it last longer. Polishing your skin prior to self tan application will also ensure a smoother application.

3. It’s very important to note the difference between a Polisher and an Exfoliator. The body naturally sheds thousands of skin cells per day which is why your tan will fade and go patchy if not cared for correctly. Body Polish will gently buff the skin helping to lift off the dead skin cells and ensure that your tan starts to fade more evenly. An Exfoliator is very harsh and will tend to have a scratching effect on the skin which will tend to take your tan off in patches leaving it looking uneven.

4. When using a self tan product, apply a small amount of Body Moisturiser to the hands, elbows, knees and feet. These areas tend to be dryer and by applying a small amount of moisturiser will help prevent the tan grabbing and going darker in these areas for a more natural result.

5. If your favourite product is the Bronzing Lotion, I recommend that you mix a 50/50 blend of Body Moisturiser and Bronzing Lotion when applying the tan to the inner arms, hands, feet and face to ensure you achieve a natural finish.

6. If you tend to be busy during the week I recommend applying your main self tan product over the weekend and then just topping up the colour with Everyday Body or Tan Intensifier during the week as both of these products are very quick to apply and will refresh your tan so its lasts to the next weekend.

7. If you love having a tanned face but are pale skinned or have blonde/bleached hair, take care when applying product to the hairline and eyebrows. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of Body Moisturiser to the eyebrows and hairline to protect these areas from over developing.

8. Always apply your tanning product to the main part of the limb and then gently blend the excess down on to the hands/feet or elbows/knees. This will prevent too much build up occurring on these areas which tends to be a give-away sign for self tan use.

Prepare your skin ready to self tan or have a spray tan treatment?
We have all seen ‘Self Tan disasters’, so to ensure you achieve a naturally glamorous tan it’s imperative to prepare the skin to ensure you have a blank canvas to work from. Polishing prior to application will ensure the removal of dry dead skin cells for a smooth application.

Apply the St. Tropez product carefully?
St. Tropez products smooth onto the skin easily so it won’t take long to perfect your application. Purchase the product that will give you the right look. If you would like to go darker, then select a ‘Self Tan’ product. For a hint of colour opt for an ‘Everyday’ product, or for a non-committal tan the ‘Wash Off’ range is perfect. Always apply the product to the main part of the limb and blend down or outwards for a natural finish. Perfecting your application and blending where necessary will ensure a professional finish.

Maintain your tan and glow after application?
To get the longest life out of your Self Tan is a very simple routine. Every 2-3 days use Body Polish while showering to gently buff the skin and every day apply Body Moisturiser or Body Butter to keep the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin prevents the tan ‘breaking up’ and looking scaly. This routine will keep your skin looking fresh and revive your tan.

Skin finish your look off after self tanning?
Once your tan has developed you can enhance your overall look with our Tan Enhancer range for a daytime or an evening look. The Tan Enhancers add a beautiful glow and shimmer to the skin and incorporate rose and peach tones which bring the skin to life. Tan Enhancers can be used on the face and body and can also be used as an eye shadow, blusher and lip colour.

It’s really difficult to pin down two products but my absolute favourite is Self Tan Bronzing Mousse as I love the development colour. I apply one full coat to my body and wait for it to dry and then I use Self Tan Bronzing Spray to apply a quick second coat to the areas I want more definition on such as my upper arms and stomach, and it’s also handy to reach difficult areas such as my back. I always use the tan applicator mitt as it makes the application far quicker. I apply a small amount of Body Moisturiser to my hands, elbows, knees and feet before hand to make sure it doesn’t darken on the drier areas.

I’ve already mentioned 3 products but my favourite skin finishing product is Bronzing Rocks as they are so versatile. I use the rocks on the apples of my cheeks for a glowing sun-kissed look with a blusher brush. For daytime I gently wipe a foundation wedge over the skin to take off the excess for a more natural glow


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