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Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml:

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Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml
Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml
Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, 200ml

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    . NEW uplifting tropical scent

    . Result:Medium/golden tan that lasts for days

    . Clear, refreshing & lightweight with no need to rinse off

    . Instantly hydrating, streak free and no transfer

    . 100% Natural Tanning Actives

    . Vegan Friendly Formula

    Tried and Tested *

    - 100% of women agreed the product feels gentle on the skin

    - 98% agreed the product felt comfortable to wear all day

    - 91% said their skin felt refreshed after using Self Tan Purity Bronzing water Mousse

    - 90% said that the tropical fragrance was uplifting

Description & How To Apply


Achieve a natural looking golden tan that lasts for days, in just one application with our new tropically scented Purity bronzing water. This lightweight, clear water-to-foam formula is infused with 100% naturally derived and vegan friendly tanning agents that refresh and revive your skin, with no need to rinse off. For a transparent and wearable tan that can be applied day or night, that doesn’t transfer onto clothing and develops into a natural looking, streak-free golden tan over 4-8 hours. Apply with an Applicator Mitt for best results and moisturise daily to lock in for longer.

* Tested on 100 women, over a 14 day user trial.

How to apply

Step 1: Exfoliate 24 hours prior to use. Immediately prior to application, moisturise any dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
Step 2: For best results, apply using our Tan Applicator Mitt in long sweeping motions, starting at the ankles and working your way up. Then for your back, turn the mitt back to front and start applying in the same way. The product gives a light gleam to help guide application.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
Step 4: No need to rinse off. Before getting skin wet, allow 8 hours for your natural looking tan to develop.
Step 5: To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturise daily, exfoliate regularly and reapply as desired.


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    • This is what we have all wanted!
    • The way tanning really should be, simple and fuss free, it really is as easy as apply & glow
    • by Emily | 1/10/19
    • Love it...
    • I love using ‘natural’ products and so glad you now make one i can use.
      It’s smells great, dries quickly, applies really easily and leaves skin really soft and hydrated, but unfortunately it’s just not dark enough. I’m naturally really really pale and I have used three or four applications in a week to get a slight golden colour... but the actual tan colour is beautiful and so natural, not an orange in sight!! It’s just a shame it can’t be darker. Maybe you guys can make a dark version? This would be the best tan on the planet if you did.
    • by Holly Spence | 8/6/18
    • The perfect tan!
    • This is the best tan ever, so easy to apply it just glides on. The result is a streak free, even tan in a lovely natural shade. You can’t go wrong with this product, and I’ve tried many over the years but I’m going to stick with this one now. It’s probably best suited to lighter skin tones, but if needed a second application will deepen your tan. I’ve already recommended it to my friends.
    • by Sue Freeman | 8/5/18
    • So far really great ..but
    • Very happy with this product. Goes on easily smells great.no streaks no staining . Colour is just what I wanted. one small problem I found the white writing on a clear bottle nearly impossible to read maybe rethink that detail.
    • by Joanna | 7/24/18
    • Best Tan Ever
    • This is one of the best fake tans that I’ve ever used - took a couple of goes to get it perfect because there is no colour so you can miss bits but it doesn’t stain your clothes or bedding which is amazing as is the colour. The only negative for me is the biscuit smell which is quite significant the next day - hence the 4 stars but if you can put up with that it’s pretty much perfection!
    • by Claire Studd | 5/29/18
    • 100% recommendation
    • I was dubious about this product because it was clear but I really love it! So far I used it 5/6 times and each time I’ve had compliments. The tans it’s really natural and you can build it up too. The smell is floral and fresh.
    • by Faye | 5/10/18
    • Beautiful Golden Tan!
    • I was quite sceptical about trying this tan as I’m used to ones with a guide colour, but this was amazing! The scent was so lovely too! No biscuit smell at all! And the colour lasts so much longer than my other tans I’ve used. Thank you St Tropez
    • by Megan Smith | 4/20/18
    • Wonder product!
    • I love wearing a natural tan but have always struggled with products claiming to ‘fade evenly’ because of my pale skin this actually works! My favourite colour, doesn’t transfer or smell and fades without any tell-tale streaks. Ideal!
    • by Danielle | 4/11/18
    • Great for body
    • I love the smell of this product. It’s a bit tricky where you can’t see where you have tanned but after several applications you become a pro. It just never tans my face! I’ve found myself putting loads of mousse on my face but i wake up and shower and my face is pale but my body is brown! I’m going to stick to the Express Mousse.
    • by Louise Jones | 3/13/18
    • Beautiful Natural Looking Tan!
    • I received this product to test and am so happy I got the chance to review it.

      I have got to stay I am very impressed with this fake tan, It was so easy to apply, following the instructions I used a mitt, it blended so easily, dried pretty quickly and it has a pleasant scent unlike any other I have tried, it gave the most beautiful natural looking tan, no issues at all with colour transfer on my white bedding.

      I loved the fact there was no colour guide and it did not require rinsing off, I will definitely purchase this as a go to tan in future and totally recommend it.

      One point to note prior to application I shook the bottle and the screw top lid was not tightened securely, give it a quick check before shaking to avoid mishaps

    • by Joanne Clark | 2/23/18
    • Dream holiday skin!
    • Wow! Not being a fan of smelly fake tan, this is my dream come true. Light dreamy product. Glides on and smells divine. Easy to apply, no streaks and even cover. What more could a girl want? Love this!!! Highly recommended order now!

    • by Sally Blayney | 2/13/18
    • Perfect
    • I was a little concerned to begin with as I usually like a guide colour but there was absolutely no problems or patches at all!
      Seemed to absorb a lot quicker than the st Tropez moose I usually use which is a bonus and no marks on my white sheets!
      Gorgeous and natural glowing tan, st Tropez another amazing product!!
    • by Sara philpotts | 2/12/18
    • Amazing product!!
    • I received this product to trial and have to say that it's one of the easiest, fool proof tanning products I have ever tried!
      Although it looks like a liquid in the bottle, it comes out as a light, fluffy mousse. I used a tanning mitt to apply and since it leaves a slight sheen on the skin, it's easy to see anywhere you've missed. The smell reminded me of summer, and so different from how we usually expect a fake tan to smell. After a few hours, I had a lovely, even, golden tan. It's also really easy to build a deeper tan by re-applying daily until you get your desired colour. I found that one application gave a nice, natural looking tan.
      Highly recommended, especially if you struggle getting a streak free look!!
    • by Elaine Kirkup | 2/11/18
    • Wow, wow, wow!!!
    • This product is amazing! Applied just before bed and the smell was so fresh and lovely. Very tropical and reminded me of my holidays! Doesn’t smell like your normal tans at all! Woke up the next morning with no marks on the bed sheets, had a shower and was left with a beautiful even tan. Would highly recommend
    • by Sarah Swann | 2/3/18
    • Sunshine in a bottle
    • Omg what can I say about this tan. Not only will you look like you've been on holiday, you'll smell like a tropical paradise too.
      This tan has an amazing fruity smell.
      The pump releases an easy to apply mouse. It was super quick to apply with a mitt.
      It gives an all over Caribbean glow which took only a few minutes to apply. It doesn't leave staining on your bed and lasts for days as it doesn't wash away.
      I highly recommend the purity tan for a long lasting and even tan - plus it smells great too.
    • by Tara davey | 2/2/18
    • Game changer
    • Another fabulous new product by St Tropez. Smells amazing and fast drying. Tan is so natural and gives a great holiday glow to your skin x
    • by Judith Mcconaghie | 2/1/18
    • Amazing!
    • I have been thrilled with the results of this St Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse, It smells fantastic like summer in a bottle and the results are excellent , its very gentle on the skin and it does not transfer on to your clothing it gives a really natural healthy glowing tan, who needs Summer to look great?
    • by Gillian Butler | 1/31/18
    • An amazing product!
    • Very impressed with this product's coverage, it did exactly what it said on the bottle. I like a mid to dark colour so wasn’t sure what to expect but was blown away with the results . But most of all was the fantastic new fragrance . Amazing ! No tan smell
    • by Teresa Ellis | 1/30/18
    • The cheapest 'holiday' ever!
    • I can't believe how good this is - firstly it smells AMAZING (like a tropical holiday) and secondly it's insanely easy to use. I don't use fake tan that often, so when I do I want to minimise hassle. This is SO much easier than a lotion, and it really looks like I've spent two weeks in the sun. I highly, highly recommend this for a lazy girl tan!
    • by Kayleigh | 1/29/18
    • Amazing color
    • Ordered this as soon as it was out, absolutely in love with the color it’s like a golden sun kissed tan. Was a little concerned about a guide but you can easily see where you’re skin still shines that you need to rub it in a bit more. Will definitely repurchase once used. Downside may be that I only did the top half of my body and used quite a bit.
    • by Lauren Chandler | 1/28/18
    • I suffer from eczema and had given in to the fact that whever i use fake tan i was going to scratch for days and be patchy... that was until I tried this product. Not only does it go on evenly and not stick to my dry patches but its also not caused me to breakout!! I have a gorgeous golden glow and cannot recommend this highly enough!!
    • by Emma Smith | 1/28/18
    • Funky & Fresh ......A Totally Tropical Tan Treat
    • Just like a touch of Tahiti this product is totally delightful ...Love, Love, Love everything about this top pick, a clear contender for the Oscars of the tanning world. From packaging to the pure funky, flower flowing, hydro mousse inside to the aroma & radiance that are left behind after application. Totally enchanting, a true revolutionary product filled with natural goodies too ....win, win, win.
      The foam was easy to apply, the light weight formula just harmonises with skin in a flash leaving a scent so indulgent, delicious & delightful that lingers on but NO guide colour to worry about - YIPEE - how easy was that ??!! Dry & dress or dry & dream if going to bed, either way it was wait for touch dry & you have take off asap.
      My firm favourite for a new concept in functional tanning with no fuss. The true meaning to tan, go & glow. From crystal clear to being adorned in golden bronze. It really does work wonders a pure force to be reckoned with.
    • by Mary Czolij | 1/27/18
    • Amazing!
    • This is such a good product, I put on straight after a shower and it's got such a fresh fragrance and feels so light and non sticky. It dries quickly and leaves skin feeling soft, and the resulting colour is so natural looking on my usually very pale skin.
    • by Rose Curran | 1/27/18
    • Love!
    • So I was thinking that the tan wouldn't be the best because it has no colour while applying, but i was wrong - It gives the nicest glow I've seen from a tan, I got so many compliments from people and i was asked if id been on holiday. It also smells amazing and doesn't transfer.
    • by Phoebe | 1/27/18
    • Amazing!
    • I just absolutely adore this product! I love the smell - does not smell like a fake tan at all. Even my partner commented on the lovely smell of it! It felt light on my skin and I was able to go about my day as normal with it on. This is a product I will definitely purchase again! Thank you St Tropez!
    • by Lisa | 1/26/18
    • Smells Amazing!
    • Great tan, and it smells amazing! Highly recommend
    • by Alice | 1/26/18
    • Holiday in a bottle
    • The water turns into mousse as soon as it comes out of the bottle. It smells amazing and dries really quickly. It felt like I had nothing on my skin and great to get dressed and go about my day. Lovely, even, holiday glow. Love this.
    • by Kristy | 1/26/18
    • New fragrance is amazing!
    • This product is lovely to use goes on easily and coverage is great, new fragrance is amazing! Lovely tan and lovely colour!
    • by Jayne | 1/26/18
    • Lovely!
    • This gorgeous product applies evenly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It smells lovely and I was left with a natural golden glow as the end result!
    • by Vianne | 1/25/18
    • Love it!
    • I must admit I was a little anxious that this product didn't have the usual guide colour that the other products have, however application was really easy and it smells great. A really lovely colour and I would definitely recommend to my friends.
    • by Alex | 1/25/18
    • Fabulous new tanning product
    • This is a great addition to the St Tropez product range, as the only slight bug bear I have with the tanning range is the fragrance. Whenever I tan myself with the products my husband always comments on the smell, which he is not fond of!! This product has a lovely fragrance so that problem is solved. Also the fact it goes on clear with just a slight shine so you can check for an even application is a bonus. This is a new must have for me now!
    • by Susan Robertson | 1/25/18
    • So impressed
    • I will admit I wasn't expecting to like this as I love a deep tan, but I hate the guide colour, having to sleep in it and stickiness - this is a complete game changer, easy to apply and gives a great colour but can be worn in the day! Absolutely love it.
    • by Rachel | 1/25/18
    • Smells Divine and I look amaaaaazzzzzing
    • Really loved this, so easy to apply and it gave me a great tan for the weekend. The fragrance is an added bonus. It’s now my go to self-tan and I’ve converted two of my besties already. I can’t wait to use it before my holidays. Thanks St Tropez for the all year round glow!
    • by Jayne | 1/25/18
    • Perfect Tanning Product
    • Love this product, as a new Mum with not much me time, this product was so easy to use & I was so pleased with the colour after 1 application.
    • by Karen | 1/25/18
    • Not your usual fake tan
    • This smells lovely, doesn't transfer in the slightest and the fact that you don't have to rinse it off, makes this the best fake tanning product that I have ever used!
    • by Ellis | 1/25/18
    • Lovely tan without the mess!
    • I loved this product! It gave me the same tan I get when using the classic mousse but without the mess. The scent was lovely and it was easy enough to apply (because there is no tint I had to be a little more careful). It developed well with much less of a fake tan smell aswell which was great! Would definitely recommend!
    • by Kelly | 1/25/18
    • Beautiful
    • I’m a really dry skinned girl I suffer with small eczema patches which are usually made worse by tanning. But this beauty made my skin feel amazing, I smelt amazing and my tan was gorgeous. Looked like I’d spent the weekend in the south of France absolutely gorge and you don’t t have to rinse it off!!
    • by Katie | 1/25/18
    • New Favourite!
    • This tan is officially my new favourite. I was a bit sceptical at first because it's clear, so I wasn't really expecting much to happen. When you apply it, it leaves a slight sheen so you can tell which areas you've applied and which you've missed- a little goes a long way with this product, so don't try to apply too many layers in one go. After waiting overnight for it to develop, I woke up with a really lovely subtle golden glow- it really does look like I've been on a tropical holiday. It smells amazing too, I don't have that weird fake tan smell that most tans give.
      The only issue I have with the product isn't with the tan itself- as the bottle contents are clear and the writing on the bottle is white, it can be tricky to read the directions properly. Other than that, this is a truly amazing product and I'm really happy with the results.
    • by Kayleigh Mogridge | 1/25/18
    • Silky skin
    • This hydrated my skin so much, at first I forgot that it was also tanning me.
      Very easy to apply, lovely aroma keeps me looking like I'm on a constant holiday
    • by Nicola | 1/25/18
    • Amazing !!!!!!!!!
    • Don’t use fake tan a lot and I was worried as it had no colour but this is so easy to put on as it shines so you can see where you've applied and it smells amazing!
    • by Ellie | 1/24/18
    • Excellent tan for fair skin or to develop all day
    • I have given this tan a five star review. The tan is a clear mousse and doesn’t have a scent, it does say it had a tropical scent but I really couldn’t smell anything. The foam consistency is similar to the other st tropez mousses in terms of how far it spreads. A little goes a long way. The bottle states there is a ‘glow’ as a guide colour but I couldn’t see anything so u just have to put on quickly to see the wet areas to know what you’ve covered. The tan dries really quickly, much faster than any st tropez I’ve tried. I was ready to put on clothes after 3 or 4 minutes and didn’t have that tacky feeling. The tan started to come out after 4 hours and was a good colour after 8. The depth of the tan I would describe as being as dark as a spray tan - after your second shower. So u could put it on two days in a row to go darker. I have really fair skin so might look darker on others. I would be able to put this tan on in the morning to develop all day and change into other clothes to go out that night - without having to wash off. Also a good product to use if u are like me and like to top up your fake tan on holiday, I would be able to put this on after a shower before going out at night without the sticky residue or instant tan. The tan also wears off a lot better than the st tropez normal mousse on areas such as knuckles and knees as it doesn’t leave the dark pigments and it more even. An excellent product that I would highly recommend. I would upload photographs if possible so have shared them on the fb page.
    • by Ashley McCabe | 1/23/18
    • Dreamy
    • This tan is gorgeous and smells amazing! I LOVE this product! X
    • by Catherine | 1/22/18
    • Silky mousse
    • This is fab! Goes on as a lovely silky mousse and goes on evenly. It leaves u with a lovely sun kissed natural tan!
      Best tan ever love it!
    • by Amanda | 1/22/18
    • Wonderful!
    • I was lucky enough to receive this to try through St.Tropez VIP panel and it's fabulous! After exfoliating the previous day and moisturising dry areas I applied it with a tanning mitt. The foam glides on easily and leaves a sheen on your skin so you can see where you've applied.
      The scent is very different- a summery tropical and no fake tan smell throughout the process at all!!!
      I love that it dries super quickly, letting you get dressed immediately and it left my skin silky soft.
      I'm incredibly pale and it developed into a lovely natural looking tan, not a hint of orange and totally streak and transfer free.
      Highly recommend to anyone who wants a tan that's very easy to use and looks natural.
    • by Dagmar | 1/22/18
    • Beautiful tan!
    • This has got to be one of the best smelling/natural colour tan I have used in a long time, and it doesn’t transfer on to bedding or your clothes, so beautiful to apply too, another amazing tan St.Tropez, loving my glow in the winter months!!!
    • by Rosslyn Orr | 1/21/18
    • Smells incredible
    • Absolutely love this product, the smell is incredible so much nicer than any other brand I’ve tried. I’m a lazy tanner so I love how easy this is to apply and that you can leave the house wearing it - would 100% recommend!
    • by Harriet | 1/20/18
    • Smells like a dream!!
    • Completely obsessed with this product. Smells insane and I love how you do not have to wash it off! Also not scared to wear lighter coloured clothes as it is doesn't transfer! AMAZING.
    • by Becs | 1/19/18
    • Goodbye Tanning Thursdays
    • I love the glow that St Tropez gives my skin but I rarely take the time to do it - finding a few hours when it's convenient to have the guide colour on is always tricky.
      I put this on yesterday morning & went out for the day - no worrying about it coming off on my clothes, no tell-tale smell and no sticky feeling. It felt like I had nothing on at all but when I got home and looked it the mirror I had the tan that I love.

      Tanning thursdays are no more - I'll be tanning any & every day of the week!
    • by Em | 1/15/18
    • Best smelling tan ever!
    • I have always bought the Classic Bronzing mousse and though I have tried the others, this has typically always been my favourite. Got this one other day as looked new and wanted to give it a go. Colour is still great and the no colour means i can leave the house with it on. The smell is the best bit, never smelt anything like it and means no-one knows i'm wearing tan!! Stocking up for summer already xx
    • by Katie | 1/14/18
    • Amazing!
    • I LOVE this product. So glad there is finally a tan that doesn't transfer and it smells amazing!
    • by Emily | 1/11/18
    • Smells lush!!
    • Smells way better than any other tan I have used, didn't even want to shower it off!!
    • by Avi | 1/11/18
    • New favourite tan!
    • Bought this instead of my usual gradual tan and I'm obsessed! Don't usually like fake tan products because of the guide colour going everywhere but this one didn't transfer onto my clothes at all! It's much more like my usual gradual tan to use as I don't have to wash it off but gives a great colour in only one use! Smells AMAZING too!
    • by Eleanor | 1/11/18
    • Best vegan tan!
    • Best vegan tan I've found. Smells amazing and leaves a lovely finish which lasts all week!
    • by Ellie | 1/11/18
    • I would wear this as a perfume!
    • Firstly, this product smells so good! You wouldn't believe its fake tan, the scent is so tropical and the fact you don't have to rinse it off makes it even better as you smell of it all day! And what's even better, the colour of the tan is so natural with no streaks - I'm obsessed!
    • by Holly | 1/11/18
    • The smell is amazing!
    • All St.Tropez products have a lovely smell but this is just amazing, the tropical scent is beautiful and the colour is so natural! Love it!
    • by Jayne Reid | 1/4/18
    • I feel like a new woman!
    • I'm so happy that I got to try this product, it's a game changer! My skin looks and feels incredible and I've already been asked if I've been away. I love that you don't need to rinse it off, just apply and go about my busy day, it smells like a dreamy holiday too- I'm hooked!
    • by Karen | 1/4/18


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