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Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil Face Cream 50ml:

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Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil Face Cream 50ml

Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil Face Cream 50ml

SKU# 100009915

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    . Advanced skincare benefits

    . Gradually builds a sunkissed glow to suit all skin tones

    . Instantly brightens and evens complexion with light reflecting pearls

    . Ultra-hydrating without blocking pores

    . Dermatologically and clinically tested

    . Re-apply daily, or as desired, to build your depth of tan

Description & How To Apply


For a natural, sunkissed glow with long-term skincare benefits. This lightweight, hydrating face cream contains Camellia flower extract providing anti-oxidant properties to help protect the skin’s natural defences for a more radiant, refined complexion. The face lotion can be used as a primer, evening and instantly brightening the skin with light reflecting pearls*, whilst gradually building a golden glow. Reapply daily, or as desired.

- No self tan smell, with our mood-boosting fragrance
- Streak-free and easy to apply
- Quick-drying, non-greasy and non-pore blocking
- Avocado Oil for up to 24 hour hydration
- Suitable for sensitive skin

*After 4 weeks of regular usage

How to apply

Step 1: Apply daily, or as desired, to clean, dry skin in an upward circular motion across the face, neck and décolletage, blending into the hairline and over the ears.
Step 2: Wait until touch dry before applying make-up.
Step 3: Wash hands after application.
Step 4: Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet.
Step 5: Exfoliate regularly to maintain your tan and top-up as desired.


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    • Amazing Product!!
    • Found this product to be one of the best I have tried. I am fair skinned so didn't need to apply often (2-3 times per week) to give me a lovely healthy glow. I was quite hesitant to use it on my face in case it made me go quite dark but it was great and no 'orange face' in sight. Great to build up if you want it darker or use sporadically to keep it lighter. The smell was divine and really fresh - not a 'fake tan smell' at all. It made my skin exceptionally smooth as well.

      I would highly recommend anyone to use this and not be impressed. I had a lot of comments from people asking what I had been using as I looked really healthy and it gave me a lovely complexion thus me not needing to use as much make up as a I would. Go and order one now!! It was lovely to apply and glided on smoothly. BUY BUY BUY!!
    • by Helen Rourke | 1/18/17
    • Wow!
    • Great product to make you look healthy and glowing in winter, without looking orange or brassy. Skin looked natural, fresh and healthy after just one application. Was concerned it would bring me out in spots as not a specific targeted moisturising product, but it didn't. One very happy bunny!
    • by Laura | 1/12/17
    • The must have product!
    • This product is so easy to use, it's light in texture and leaves my skin feeling so soft. My skin has such an amazing glow after one application everyone is asking why I look so good!

      I am recommending it to everyone!!
    • by Carolyn | 1/11/17
    • Loved it!
    • What a great product! It was really easy to apply & had a really pleasant, fresh fragrance. It gave a lovely, even sun kissed glow just after one application. My skin was also left well moisturised & it looked great under make up too. Perfect product for getting a lovely glow especially in winter.
    • by Emma Leah | 1/10/17
    • Easy Application
    • Very easy to apply and great results, streak free, more importantly I found it moisturising, the moisturising factor was a big plus for me as the product needs to be applied to a clean skin, therefore no moisturisers prior to application, I felt this product not only moisturised my skin well, it hydrated it with no greasy residue, I do have slightly sensitive skin and have not experienced any issues since using it.

      It left me with a lovely subtle glow, made my blue eyes "pop",

      I am fair skinned and found that twice per week was sufficient for me, I will certainly purchase this in future, no fuss, no mess, no nasty fake tan smell and great results!!
    • by Joanne Clark | 1/9/17
    • Exceptional
    • A really lovely product! This face cream is a dream to use, applies smoothly and has a wonderful fresh fragrance (which does not change into the typical self tan smell as the cream works!) which stays fresh. Moisture effective, developing into a natural, glow which can be built up if liked.
    • by Ruth | 1/9/17
    • Love this!!
    • Don't usually use fake tan on my face as fearful of looking like I'd been tangoed!! But love love love this!!!
      Easy to apply and smells great I replaced my usual moisturiser till I got the colour I wanted. It left my skin with a healthy glow.
      Will definately be buying again ☺
    • by Vicky Wells | 1/9/17
    • St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Luminous Veil
    • I have been using this face cream over the Xmas and New Year .
      I was slightly nervous about using the face cream at first as I really did not want to look like I had been away on holidays for a couple of weeks , and I really have had some dreadful results with other products that I have tried on my face, but I am thrilled to say I LOVE this product, it is perfect at doing its job so easy to apply it glides onto the skin, smells great, it's really fast drying, and applied daily you can have a really natural looking tan that looks healthy and makes you feel so much better through out the winter months , its a god send. Thank You
    • by Gillian Butler | 1/8/17
    • Healthy Looking Face
    • This was a lovely hydrating, easy to use facial gradual tan. It's glides on easily and melts into the skin leaving a lovely radiance to the skin instantly. This develops into a subtle glow which you can build daily to suit your needs. There are no streaks and the product is easily blended into the skin and it is lighty scented. I loved the facial product and feel it would be suitable to use year round. I would definitely recommend this product you won't be disappointed. thanks
    • by Georgina Jacobs | 1/8/17
    • Amazing!
    • Love this product, so easy to use, no horrible smell, no problems with the hairline and eyebrows when applied, After a couple of applications I have a healthy, natural looking tan. Thanks St.Tropez
    • by Karen Ryan | 1/8/17
    • Gradual tan face
    • Tried this over Christmas and New Year and found it to be a brilliant product. Went on easy and it was a nice golden colour. Very easy to apply under makeup...was a bit worried at first as I didn't want my face to look too dark but didn't have to worry. Great product
    • by Karen Beattie | 1/8/17
    • My Sensitive Skin Loves This Product
    • I have extremely sensitive skin and struggle to find a gradual tan that is suitable for my face. As usual St.Tropez have excelled themselves with this formulation. I had no reaction from it whatsoever, it gave my skin a lovely glow on first application which built into a nice tan when applied over the next few days. It left my skin soft, nourished and party ready over the Festive period. I had loads of comments on how well I looked, what more can a girl ask for? Thank you St.Tropez
    • by Samantha Jones | 1/8/17
    • Loved it
    • I received this as I am a member of the St.Tropez VIP Beauty Panel . I'm already a St.Tropez convert but this product really is excellent, a light non sticky lotion that sank into the skin easily.
      Produces a lovely golden glow, just right for this time of year.
      Highly recommend, I will definitely buy this product in the future.
    • by Heidi | 1/7/17
    • Great for holiday prep
    • I've been using this for a week as part of my winter holiday prep so that I don't look too pasty when I arrive in Tenerife. It goes on well, doesn't look patchy and is not too dark, so I look healthy rather than obviously fake tanned.
    • by Christine Dodd | 1/7/17
    • Perfect!!
    • WOW I absolutely loved this!! Not only is it really light and easy to apply, but it also gives a perfect streak free finish - something that always worries me about trying tan on my face! I have used many face tanning products, and this is by far the best. It does have a slight 'tan' smell but there is also a nice fresh smell coming through that puts me in mind of sunny days. As well as providing a natural looking tan, this also kept my skin moisturised throughout the day which I found pretty unusual. A lovely healthy glow was achieved after the first application and it dried within a few minutes. Continue to apply daily for a deeper tan, although I found that every other day was enough for me.
      Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you want a nice, fresh, sun-kissed look without unsightly tide marks.
    • by Elaine Kirkup | 1/7/17
    • Fantastic new product
    • I really liked this product as with all St.Tropez products you can tell it's a high quality product. The cream goes on really nicely and is absorbed well and doesn't leave a greasy feel on the skin, gives a nice light tan which can be made darker with multiple applications lovely natural looking tan.
    • by Sarah Wingfield | 1/6/17
    • Loved it
    • Really liked this product, smells lovely and felt nice on my face unlike some heavier products, will definitely buy in the future.
    • by Jeanette | 1/6/17
    • Gorgeous glow
    • I absolutely loved this product, it really does make your skin glow ! I was amazed it really accentuates your cheekbones too ! It gradually builds a natural looking healthy looking tan without that nasty fake tan fragrance. I first applied it before a night out under my makeup and I didn't even need highlighter as this product just makes your skin look luminous. All my friends wanted to know what product I'd used to 'get my glow'. I usually put fake tan on my face before bed and then just rinse the residue off in the morning but with this product there's no need, i just ended up applying under my makeup in the mornings it doesn't take long to soak into the skin and the creamy texture is so easy to apply.
    • by Kali filsell | 1/6/17
    • Amazing!!
    • I have used st tropez for years (too many to count!) and this is by far my favourite!! Smells great goes on nice and smooth and builds into a lovely, perfectly natural tan!!
    • by Sarah Swann | 1/5/17
    • Fabulous
    • This is an amazing must have for a busy mum like me! I have used this product every day for 2 weeks as part of my daily morning beauty routine and gives skin an amazing glow with a fresh feel. Will def purchase this again!
    • by Judith McConaghie | 1/5/17
    • I love the glow!
    • I LOVE this product! The thing I most hate about tanning my face is that I have to walk around make-up free for hours on end before I feel it is dry enough to apply my make-up over the top. I really don't like my face make-up free as my skin always looks dull. I used this product over Christmas and it didn't disappoint. I applied it in the mornings after exfoliating and felt confident enough to remain make-up free for as long as I needed to. The cream is super moisturising and it gives off a glow instantaneously that makes the skin look fresh and dewy. The cream does take a while to dry but that wasn't a problem, I felt confident enough to go about my day without thinking about my make-up. When dry the results produce an incredibly natural tan (not at all orange!). I loved it! PS: If you want to dry in a hurry, just blast your face with your hairdryer for a minute.
    • by Joelle | 1/5/17
    • Glowing Review
    • I used this product over the Christmas and New Year period and it more than made me feel party ready! The cream goes on so easily and evenly and smells just great. Would definitely buy in the future and recommend to friends. The glow is just right.

    • by Rose Curran | 1/4/17
    • Subtle Winter Glow
    • Loved this. So easy to use, great fragrance. Applied it at bedtime and it sinks into your skin really quickly and doesn't get on the pillow. Ideal for gently warming up your complexion during those dreary winter months when we don't get any sun! I'm going to use it a couple of weeks before my summer holiday and then again once the tan starts to fade. This is a great way of easing yourself into the St.Tropez Glow.
    • by Jayne | 1/4/17
    • Fabulous cream
    • I'm a very pale red head who has never used any fake tan product on her face until now. To be honest I was worried, terrified that I'd look like a baked bean, I don't normally wear a lot of makeup.

      I thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated my face before using the cream. The instructions are really clear and are written on the packaging. After my skin was soft and dry I applied a thin layer of the cream in an upward circular motion. I was worried about my eye brows as I thought this could be a great look for an oompa loompa.

      The cream is very light to apply and glides onto the skin, I really love the fragrance. After applying I checked the mirror constantly to see if there was any change in colour. No noticeable change to orange so heaved a sigh of relief.

      I applied the cream daily for 3 days, on the third day I met a friend for lunch and she commented instantly on how I have a healthy glow and where had I been on holiday. I checked my reflection in the bathroom mirror and I'm pleased with the result. I look great.

      This cream is fabulous, and the ease of application, colour, smell and no streaking make it a pleasure to use. I recommend this cream, and will continue to use it. It's a winner and perfect for the winter months. I will purchase this cream and probably use it all year round as I like the way my skin now looks and feels.
    • by Tracey Kellegher | 1/4/17
    • Fantastic product
    • Loved this, really lovely healthy tan not fake looking at all
      Really recommend.
    • by Patricia Stewart | 1/3/17
    • Veil for the face indeed
    • This lotion is silky soft to apply, and did exactly what it said it would do ,
      I got a gradual tan on my face over a few days, really happy with this product
      Would recommend it !
    • by Grant Lamont | 1/3/17
    • Gorgeous !!
    • My first time using any St Tropez products. I used the Gradual Tan Plus Luminous veil face cream.
      I have always been slightly nervous about tan for the face incase I wake up looking like a Wotsit.
      I applied this cream after cleansing my face at night in an upward circular motion across my face, neck and décolletage.
      Lovely cream to apply and the right consistency with no after smell either.
      After about 3 applications I noticed a'glow' to my face which is normally quite pale in colour. I will definitely use this again, it's something that can be used throughout the winter to give you a nice glow until the summer days come. A definite winner ..
    • by Nina Jozwin | 1/3/17
    • Just perfect
    • This is such a good idea as your face always loses it's colour first as you was it the most . The colour is really nice and blends in with the rest of my body and leaves it feeling so soft and fresh looking
    • by Rachel anne lee | 1/3/17
    • Fantastic
    • Love this product. It is easy to apply, smells lovely, is easy to apply and gives a natural glow quickly.
      I run and dont wear makeup when I'm out but this product makes me look healthy . Love it.
    • by Lisa | 1/3/17
    • Amazing multi tasker!
    • I received this as I am a member of the St Tropez VIP Beauty Panel and am thrilled with the results, it has a light transparent texture and after application your face simply glows and looks so healthy! Great for the dark days of Winter, this seems lighter in texture than the Gradual Tan Classic and absorbs very quickly so it is perfect as a primer and make up base, it contains lots of lovely ingredients and incorporates anti ageing into the mix so if you are a little lazy you can use this as it is multitasking! the colour it provides is the same gorgeous tan that St Tropez are well known for, I will definitely purchase this product in the future!
    • by Daniel | 12/28/16
    • Illuminating Face Cream
    • What a great product, smells lovely and goes on so well, it gave my face a lovely natural glow straight away, I applied it every night and every morning i could see a difference, not only have i got a beautiful natural looking tan but my face looks and feels so lovely, what a great product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    • by Chardonay Bromley | 12/27/16
    • Illuminating Face Cream
    • What a great product, smells lovely and goes on so well, it gave my face a lovely natural glow straight away, I applied it every night and every morning and i could see a difference, not only have i got a beautiful natural looking tan but my face looks and feels so lovely, what a great product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    • by Chardonay Bromley | 12/27/16


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