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Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Light / Medium:

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Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Light / Medium

Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Light / Medium

Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Light / Medium

SKU# 100013078

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Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Light / Medium is available for purchase in increments of 1

    . For a natural, sunkissed glow

    . Gradually builds to create a classic, healthy looking tan

    . Quick-drying, non greasy and non-pore blocking

    . Softens skin and contains Vitamin E to protect

    . Newly formulated to deliver a medium to dark tan

    . No self tan smell, with our new mood-boosting fragrance

    . 100% Natural Tanning Actives

    . Vegan Friendly Formula

Description & How To Apply


For a natural, sunkissed glow that gradually builds to create a classic, healthy looking tan to suit all skintones. Our newly formulated, Medium/Dark face cream is lightweight, ultra-hydrating, quick-drying and non-pore blocking.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply daily, or as desired, to clean, dry skin in an upward circular motion across the face, neck and décolletage, blending into the hairline and over the ears.
Step 2: Wait until touch dry before applying make-up.
Step 3: Wash hands after application.
Step 4: Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet.
Step 5: Exfoliate regularly to maintain your tan and top-up as desired.


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    • A great face tanning product
    • I've used this in conjunction with the gradual tan body lotion and it's great. I get a really even result, using this product on my face and neck. It is pleasant smelling and has a good consistency - rich enough to feel like a proper face cream, but not too thick as to feel like my pores are clogged. The colour builds gradually, and within are week, the colour develops to mimick how i would naturally tan. I used this and the gradual tan body lotion every other day for a really natural tan.
    • by Alice Conolly | 2/16/16
    • Great looking Tan
    • I was very happy with the results of this. I applied it as i would a moisturisor and after only a few days i had a healthy looking tan. I felt less need to apply a base makeup. I love the smell and it dries fast enough that you can apply as part of your routine in the mornings.
    • by vicky | 1/31/16
    • Holiday skin without the holiday!
    • I was apprehensive using this being pale, freckly and ginger. However, after trying i was pleasantly surprised. It looked very natural and you can build on it, it doesn't leave you streaky like cheaper brands could. A definate thumbs up from me, i will definately buy again!
    • by kelly mobbs | 1/31/16
    • So easy to use
    • So easy to use. Wipe gently all over face and washed my hands after. No smell and developed over night to a lovely golden colour. Gave me a healthy fresh look.
    • by Kayleigh | 1/30/16
    • so,so
    • I found to get a sunkissed glow I had to use this product several days in a row so if you looking for a quick fix or wake up with a tan I would not recommend this product. As always great smell and hydration
    • by Maria Edwards | 1/29/16
    • Sunkissed, soft and easy
    • I wear makeup every day, but being a pale girl I can often look washed out. This tan is a godsend! It's left my skin looking gently sunkissed (not unnaturally orange) and it's buildable, so you can be confident that you won't go too dark if you go a bit overboard. It also left my skin really soft, and it fades evenly across my face so I'm not left with blotchy patches. Great product, and would highly recommend!
    • by Kayleigh Tanner | 1/19/16


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