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Special Occasion – essentials for a flawless light glow or a deep bronze finish

Bespoke Collection – Light Glow or Deep Bronze 
Light Glow Collection
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Complete Bronzing Mousse Set
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The Light Glow Collection and Deep Bronze Collection contains everything you will need to create a flawless finish for your special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, party, prom or weekend away. Simply choose your desired look – a light glow (gradual tan), or a deep bronze look (self tan).

Salon Treatment - for a professional finish
St tropez

To take away any self tan worries, and be pampered in the process, why not book in at one of our salons for a professionally applied self tan treatment? Choose a St.Tropez Original Lotion treatment for deeper and longer-lasting results, or a St.Tropez Spray Tan for fast, flawless results. We would recommend having a trial run before the big day.

Finishing Touches – for instant radiance on the day
Bronzing Rocks
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Radiance Mousse
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Bronzing Powder
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Tan Remover
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Our Tan Enhancers will add contours and radiance to the skin, giving the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion look.

Get the Look

1.For that extra special occasion it is important that you select the tan that will best suit your chosen look. For a home application you can choose to opt for a more subtle, healthy glow to the skin with the Light Glow Collection, or for a richer looking tan you will need to select the Deep Bronze Collection.

2.Prior to application of any self-tanning product it is important to prepare the skin to ensure an even and smooth application.