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Everyday Glow

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Preparing for you tan
Tan Optimizer Body Polish
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Exfoliating and preparing your skin ensures that the skin is soft with a smooth texture allowing for an even and longer lasting tan.

Applying your tan
Gradual Tan Everyday Body Light/Medium
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Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse
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Gradual Tan Everyday Spray
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Gradual Tan Everyday Face Light / Medium
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Whilst the Everyday Gradual Tan range doesn’t include a guide colour, you can see where you’ve applied it as the products have a sheen to them. You can apply the Gradual Tan range every 2-3 days to maintain a lasting natural-looking healthy glow.

Get the Look

1. Moisturise your whole body before bed time to get the best skin hydration.

2. Use one of the Gradual Everyday tan products as below every couple of days to maintain a healthy glow.