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88% of Self Tan Purity Users agree that a natural golden tan makes them feel more confident. We’re on a mission to encourage everyone to OWN THEIR GLOW!

Put the Self In Self Tan

You Set the Tone

For many, fake tan brings to mind a certain look and shade that they either don’t want to be associated with, or that puts them off all together. In our empowering new campaign, we are on a mission to redefine what self-tanning looks like today, and put a stop to the shaming. To inspire women and men worldwide to own their faux glow – because SELF tan is more than just how YOU look, it’s also how it makes YOU feel.
As the most trusted prestige tanning brand in the US, we’ve tanned millions of women and men every year and we know everyone is different.
Whether you prefer a light sunkissed glow every day or an ultra-dark tan every week, or whether you apply tan as part of your morning regime or the last thing at night, perhaps you prefer to double coat or gradually build, it’s different for everyone and your beauty routine is personal to YOU!

What’s wrong with feeling confident?

But the one thing that unites all ST.TROPEZ fans across the globe is the feeling you get when you have a tan – that big boost of CONFIDENCE from trusted results.
Whether it evens your skin tone, empowers you to wear less make up, or show more skin in a bikini. A ST.TROPEZ tan is a healthy glow you’d be proud to talk about!

There’s nothing fake about me!

So we say, forget about orange streaks, that biscuity smell and all those negative attitudes! There is a reason why we’re the UK’s NO.1 and most trusted tanning brand, with our quality ingredients, innovative technology and products, we have a range of products to suit every skin tone, skin type, beauty regime of lifestyle, making tanning easier than ever.
No matter what your personal tanning story is, everyone is different and it’s ok for you to SET THE TONE and that’s why we’re on mission to stop the judgement and encourage everyone to OWN THEIR GLOW!
ST.TROPEZ has set the standard, now it’s for you to set the tone.


Join the mission #YouSetTheTone

We’d love to hear your tanning stories or tips, tag us on social and join the conversation on you set tone!

How Tanning Makes Me Feel





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