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It’s now over a decade since we revolutionised self tanning. Before St. Tropez, customers looking for a natural looking sun-free tan took their chances with products that offered patchy, streaky and frankly orange results. Our innovative original formula changed all that in one sleek, sweep of the hand. Overnight, our customers discovered a simple, reliable, professional self tanning system that delivered professional results first time, every time. With our truly radical formulation, St. Tropez has since become the iconic tanning brand of our age. And with a continual line of innovative products designed to deliver exactly the tan you want with a wealth of skin benefits, too, the future looks golden.

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Our St. Tropez products are market leading and have won a fair few global awards 


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Exclusive Interview with Michelle Feeney, CEO of St. Tropez.


Our powerful partnership with The Prince’s Trust allows us to support the life-changing work of this youth charity.